Welcoming Message From founder ICPESS

Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai CHIN

Founder, ICPE
Founder and President, The Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH)
Founding and Immediate Past President, BRICS Council of
Exercise & Sports Science (BRICSCESS)
Co-Founder & Former President
Asian Council of Exercise & Sports Science (ACESS)
Vice President, Global Affairs & Research
HOPSports Inc., USA
Hong Kong-China

It is my privilege to serve as the International Consultant for the Virtual 6th International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Science (ICPESS) in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10-13 June 2021. Virtual ICPESS 2021-Jakarta is organized by the Post Graduate Program of State University of Jakarta in partnership with The Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH) to celebrate the university’s 57-year anniversary.

As the Founder, it was an honor to serve as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 1st and 2nd International Conference for Physical Educators (ICPE) 2000 and 2004 held at the Education University of Hong Kong. It was also a privilege to serve as Adviser of the past ICPESS in Singapore (2010), Jakarta, Indonesia (2015), Cappadocia, Turkey (2018) and the forthcoming one in Barcelona, Spain.in 2022.

I am very pleased that Dr. Brojo Susilo, State University of Jakarta has accepted my invitation to host this historical virtual sixth international conference for the physical education and sports science profession during the COVID-19 pandemic. The planning and organization work are well underway, guided by and building upon the success of the past conferences with the average attendance of over 300 local and international delegates from 30 countries.

With the theme “Active Living through Exercise and Sport Sciences: Future Trends for Global Creativity and Sustainability”, it is timely during this difficult time when the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic. Health and Well Being, the UNSDG Goal #3 reconfirms the importance of active living through the support of exercise and sports science with creativity and sustainability. There is an emergent and continuing need to adapt an inter-disciplinary, theory to practice approach to create a healthy community through a holistic model so that this goal can be achieved.

The four full days virtual conference are designed to be action-packed with ideas, innovation, and interaction with professional colleagues from around the world. There is no doubt in my mind that the fine tradition of academic excellence, creativity, and global perspective, recognized as the hallmark of ICPE, will be continued and extended in Virtual ICPESS 2021-Jakarta, Indonesia.

World renowned scholars including 6 keynote and 7 invited speakers, 10 symposiums with 40 presenters and 20 Future Leaders/Volunteers (FLV) from more than 35 countries and regions from around the globe have confirmed their support and participation to share their research and practical work. 

We welcome you to become part of the conversation so that a local to global impact on health and wellbeing can be made.

Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin