Video Presentation Guidelines

All presenters will present their papers through a video presentation. We will play the 10 minutes video presentation via Zoom Meeting to avoid technical problems during the presentation, followed by 5 minutes live discussion. The video presentations are listed in the 6th Virtual ICPESS 2021 parallel session schedule. Please be ready at your allocated time for live question-and-answer session.

Instructions for Video Presentation

For the video presentation, please follow the following rules:


1Video duration No more than 10 minutes
2Video must include The display of the PPT (PowerPoint Slides) and the face and the voice of the presenter
3Video format.mp4
4SizeNo more than 40MB (Recording via Zoom software is recommended ‐tutorial provided‐)

Instructions for PPT Slides

The maximum number of slides is 6, and please include the following items in your PPT slides:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Method
  4. Result & Discussion (max 2 slides)
  5. Conclusion

Presentation Recording Tutorial ‐Using Zoom Software‐

  1. Download Zoom Client for Meetings from
  2. Once the download is complete, proceed with installing the Zoom application on to your computer
  3. Search Zoom and open the App (Click Start Zoom)
Video ICPESS 1f

4. Click Setting (Gear icon)

5. Click the Video and make sure you select your proper webcam Camera and check if it is working

Video ICPESS 3

6. Click Audio, and please ensure your Audio is working by clicking Test Mic (You can choose your available microphone)

Video ICPESS 4

7. Click Recording, and please ensure that you tick (checklist) these following aspects

Video ICPESS 5

8. Click New Meeting (Please make sure you are connecting to the internet)

Video ICPESS 6

9. Before you start the Recording, please ensure the Audio and Video are Check the Audio and Video Icon are not crossed and open your PPT Slides first

10. After you open your PPT Slides, back to Zoom and click Share Screen (The green one on the bottom) and select your PPT Slides as this following picture (double click)

11. After that, you can Slide Show (press F5 on Windows) your PPT Slides, point your cursor up until the display appears as below, then click More, then select Record, and you are already being recorded, so you can start your presentation (Remember, no more than 10 minutes)

12. When you finish your presentation, you can click Stop Share (on the Top ‐The red one) and click Stop Recording Icon (you can choose to click on the top or the bottom) and click End, then End Meeting for All

13. Zoom will convert your recording file into three types of files and then open the folder  where the files are saved

Video ICPESS 11a

14. Please ensure your video format is .mp4

15. After that, please rename the Video with:

Number of Abstract_Your Name

Example: ABS001_Brian O’Conner


16. Upload the video to your YouTube

Note for Chinese participants: You may upload your video to 百度网盘 (Baidu Wang Pan), and upload your video link to the Conference Management System as explained below.

17. Finally, upload your video link to the Conference Management System:

Login to your ICPESS account on with registered email and the login code. Go to Presentation Video, then follow the instructions written there

18. Please write the video URL here.

The video presentation guidelines can be download on the following link.